Nine Months and Counting

Listed below are health guidelines to follow during all phases of your pregnancy.

2-3 Months
Focus on proper nutrition during this important stage of development for your baby.

4-5 Months
Continue to see your physician for prenatal care. Fill out Pre-Admission papers at Antelope Valley Hospital in preparation for the birth of your baby.

6 Months
Begin to prepare your children for the pending birth. Young children's self-esteem is fragile and the new baby may seem a threat. Reassure them. Consider taking our sibling preparation classes through the Stork Club. Start your Childbirth Education Classes. A list of times and instructors are included in this packet.

6-8 Months

Make arrangements for the care of young children during your upcoming hospital stay. Take an obstetrical orientation class at the hospital. Also, Lamaze childbirth education classes are available through our Family Resource Center. For more information, call 726-6216.

7 Months

Begin breast preparation if you are planning to breast feed. Discuss hospital procedures with your physician and your preferences regarding medication and delivery.

9 Months
It's your baby's birthday! When the time comes, have someone drive you to the Main Entrance of the Women and Infants Pavilion, which is a separate building from the hospital. A nurse will help you prepare for the birth of your child.

As you approach your delivery date, your physician may order an NST or OCT test. These tests are used to measure the condition of you and your baby. When a doctor requests that you have one of these tests, please report to the Prenatal Clinic located on the third floor of the hospital. Our nurses will monitor your condition during the tests.