When you first arrive in Labor and Delivery, while you are being assessed in the triage area, only one visitor is allowed to remain with you. After admission, visitors to the LDR room are limited to two. Your physician will specify if this is two visitors at a time, or two named visitors only. When you begin to push, visitors will be limited to the two persons you have chosen to attend your delivery. After delivery you may have any two visitors you wish. Please inform your nurse who you would like to have with you. Siblings are also allowed to visit anytime following delivery.

The Obstetrical Department provides for in-room visitation between 11 A.M. and 8 P.M., following delivery.

Visitors may wait in one of our waiting areas until the mother is ready for her next visitor. If your baby is at your bedside when visitors arrive, they may remain there unless you request otherwise. All visitors must wash their hands before touching the baby.

The newborn's brothers and sisters are encouraged to visit. All children must be under adult supervision and should have no contagious conditions. If you have more than two children, please have them take turns. Children should also wash their hands before entering your room.