Family Centered Maternity Care

Soon after you are settled into your room, your baby will be brought to you. Your baby's crib, stocked with infant care items, will be moved next to your bed to continue the important bonding. We call this Family-Centered Maternity Care, and it gives a new mother many opportunities to learn how to care for her baby. Nurses will be in attendance to help and teach you about infant care, and if you would like help with breastfeeding.

If your delivery is normal, usually your baby will join you in your room about four hours after birth. If your delivery was by Cesarean, your baby will be cared for in the nursery for about a day to allow you the opportunity to rest. You will have your baby for feedings.

If you have any problems, or feel you're not getting enough rest, please let a nurse know and we will be happy to help you.