Visiting Patients

It is our goal to improve our patients' health as quickly as possible and the family is an important part of that process. CCU is currently trialing new open visitation that permits visiting during all hours except 6:30am - 8:00am and 6:30pm - 8:00pm. During this time nurses are changing shifts, reporting patient information to the next shift and performing scheduled patient assessments.

Occasionally, a medical procedure may be in progress which could delay visitation, but access will be granted following its completion. Your loved one's nurse will also be happy to answer any questions about the procedure and its particular restrictions.

Since our patients are here due to serious health concerns, it is essential that you or other visitors do not bring viruses, colds, flu or other communicable diseases into the unit. We also request that you do not bring children to the CCU and PCU, unless they are coming to see a family member for whom death is imminent. This regulation exists to protect children against exposure to airborne illnesses and other contagious diseases, and as a special precaution in light of the fact that our rooms have special equipment and medications.

While we feel that family presence comprises an integral part of a critical patients' care, we encourage you to go home to rest occasionally and gain energy for subsequent visits.